Breastfeeding Peer Supporter Training.

We offer training programmes suited to equipping and empowering volunteers to become Accredited Breastfeeding Peer Supporters within a group setting. All of our courses are carefully aligned with the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative.

We currently offer 5 training courses:

  • Breastfeeding Peer Support in the Community (Level 1 – specifically aimed at Young Mums)
  • Breastfeeding Peer Support in the Community (Level 2)
  • Breastfeeding Peer Support in the Hospital (Level 2)
  • Breastfeeding Antenatal Peer Support (Level 2)
  • Delivering Breastfeeding Peer Support Training (Level 3)

The training is accredited to Level 1, 2 or 3 with the APT Awards. The Peer Support in the Community and Antenatal Peer Support is typically delivered over a 6 week period in 2 hour weekly sessions. The Peer Support in the Hospital is a ‘top-up’ course delivered over 1 full day and one half day. Delivering Peer Support Training is delivered in one day. The trainees are required to submit a portfolio of evidence to achieve their accreditation.

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Training the trainer and Licence purchase

 Step 1: Register as a Trainer

Real Baby Milk has a set of minimum standards that our approved trainers are required to meet.  The initial stage of becoming equipped to deliver our training is to introduce the individual(s) who will be the trainer(s) for the courses.  The trainer will be required to have experience of adult education (or a suitable qualification such as PTTLs) and a sufficient knowledge of breastfeeding support in line with the UK Baby Friendly Initiative (for example attendance at the UNICEF 3 day course).  All trainers will be required to undertake the one day ‘Real Baby Milk Training the Trainers Course’ which can be delivered locally or accessed at our main office in Cornwall.

Cost of Training the Trainer Course:  £250 at our Cornwall Office (plus expenses & travel time if delivered locally)

Step 2: Buy Licence to deliver Real Baby Milk training

The licence between the trainer’s organisation and Real Baby Milk acts as a contract that the trainer agrees to deliver a certain number of courses to a particular standard.  In return Real Baby Milk agrees to provide the course, relevant materials and the internal Verification of these courses as well as provide a mentor for the trainer.

The licence ensures that the trainer receives updated materials, teaching aids and the authority to deliver accredited training.

Cost: £850

Duration: 2 years / 8 courses in total .

Step 3: Registering and Accrediting Learners

For each course, there is a fee per learner which must be paid in full by the start of the course.  This fee per learner covers the provision of their training and assessment packs, the registration and accreditation fee and certification and the evaluation of their course.

Cost per learner: £60 (£17.50 APT Awards fee & £ 42.50 admin and resources fee)

NB: 10 learners are recommended as a maximum number per course.

Extended Packages.

  • Alongside training we offer an enhanced Peer Support package which consists of: our popular Bespoke Essential Guide; a dedicated Peer Support Coordinator who can offer supervision and share best practice as well as help with funding;  quarterly newsletters; evaluation of the peer support groups through mums and peer supporters survey and a specific page on the Real Baby Milk website.We can also provide specialist Young Mums Training and support businesses in your area to become Baby Friendly.

    Please contact for further information.

    Why choose Real Baby Milk?

    • NICE guidelines state that Peer Supporters should be attend a recognised, externally accredited training course in breastfeeding peer support, such as that provided by Real Baby Milk.
    • The UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative for the community requires that the programmes are audited and evaluated regularly and then changed if they are not meeting mothers’ needs. We have been running the Peer Support training in Cornwall since 2008. Peer supporters had a huge part to play in Cornwall being awarded with the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative.

    “Cornwall was recently accredited by UNICEF as Baby Friendly, it is the first county in the UK to achieve this award in both hospital and community settings and the work of the volunteer mums was crucial to us achieving this” Stephanie Heard, Infant Feeding Coordinator

    • We believe that it is important to have accredited training as it ensures a national standard and to make it clear as to what the role of a Peer Supporter is. We offer training programmes suited to equipping and empowering volunteers to become Accredited Peer Supporters within a group setting.
    • We believe Peer Supporters flourish in groups and it is the groups which are key to ensuring sustainability – we focus specifically at this including how groups can become self sufficient as well as sharing evident-based information with other mums.