Good Attachment

Good attachment really is the key to successful breastfeeding. Use this guide to get it right from the start, but if you find you are still struggling – ask for help!

Before you start – Make sure your baby’s head, neck and body are in a straight line – a baby cannot suckle or swallow easily if the neck is twisted. Good attachment is difficult for a baby to maintain if his body is twisted at the waist. The baby should be held so that the back of his shoulders is supported, and his head is free to tilt back. If you are unsure about the attachment of your baby, seek help from your midwife, health visitor or maternity support worker. You can also visit your local support group. Someone observing how your baby feeds can really help to get it right.

This is a link from our Breastfeeding by mums, for mums DVD which shows good attachment.

Below are still photos of attachment too.

1. The baby should face the breast with nose to nipple – this allows the baby to tilt his head back so that the nipple is aimed at the roof of the mouth.

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2. When baby gapes wide open, press on the back of his shoulders to bring him in quickly – and you will need to move quickly!

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3. Chin and tongue leading, head tilted back, the nipple goes into the back of the mouth as baby is brought towards the breast.

Helen 3cmykcrop

4. Attachment shouldn’t be painful, baby should keep suckling and should let go on his own at the end of the feed. The nipple should look the same shape as before the feed.

Helen 4cmykcrop