Positioning – The "Laid Back" Approach

The “Laid Back” Approach (also known as Biological Nurturing)

laid_back_1Another way to enable your baby to be able to access the breast is to place baby on your body and allow her to self attach. You need to be reclining so that your baby feels secure. You may need to support baby and or your breast.

laid_back_2Positioning yourself and your baby in this way can help gently encourage skin to skin and body contact, and to enjoy a special closeness without either feeling any pressure to “get on with” feeding. Instead, this position encourages your baby to use natural reflex behaviour to help them to find your breast and feed effectively when ready.

laid_back_3Enjoying time together in this way will help you and your baby to have eye contact while feeding and for both of you to make the most of this truly special time.


Thank you to Dr Suzanne Coulson for the inspiration
Stephanie Heard for the text
and Heidi and baby Victoria for the lovely photos taken by Katy Blake