Cracked or Sore Nipples

Many women experience some discomfort in the early days and although the cause of nipple damage can often be resolved by accessing good support (or information about your positioning and attachment) it can be toe-curling. If you are reading this before you have had your baby, you can avoid it by getting positioning right form the start. However, if you are reading this page because it is happening to you right now, rest assured, your nipples can and will heal! 

With the right care cracked and sore nipples can and will heal, follow the links below for the best advice regarding healing that is out there, but do remember, the most important thing to avoid this problem continuing is to ensure that your baby is positioned correctly – to achieve this please browse our positioning and attachment pages on this site or find your local support form our support page – and remember, practice makes perfect!

We have listed below some links to the cracked nipples guidance that can be found from our favourite breastfeeding organisations. 

National Childbirth Trust: Breastfeeding and your nipples
La Leche League International: Healing sore nipples 
Breastfeeding Network: Moist Wound Healing (PDF of leaflet)