Peer Support in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Camelford Breastfeeding Cafe launch in 2011 – photo by Peter Glaser Photography


Cornwall is the first county to be awarded UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation – this is a fantastic achievement and really shows that everyone in the county is coming together to ensure that families get the best support possible with feeding and caring for their baby.

In this section, you can find your local support groups,  businesses which are Baby Friendly, and Breastfeeding Counsellors Peer Support Training 

Here is the  Essential Guide to Caring and Feeding your Baby  Cornwall 2017 to download.


If you are interested in becoming a Peer Supporter in Cornwall please complete the expression of interest form   please do get in touch with any questions about training.  This is the current Volunteering with Cornwall Council Policy, which all Peer Supporters in Cornwall adhere to.

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FAQs for current Cornwall Peer Supporters who haven’t had an update in 12 months.


Submit a Breastfeeding Group Attendance Form.

A peer supporter from each group needs to complete one of these forms for every session.

Please complete this form as you are packing away at the end of the session.

Here is the direct link:

Alternatively, if nobody at the session is able to complete the form online, please email or phone 01872 260429 to leave a message and tell us:

  • location of your group
  • names of all peer supporters who attended
  • names of all meet and greet volunteers who attended
  • number of children:
    • under 3 months
    • 3-6 months
    • 6-12 months
    • 1 year and above
  • if you had a supervision meeting at this session

Thank you for your time and all the wonderful things you do to support parents!


Express Interest in supporting at Bump to Baby sessions:

Bump to Baby antenatal classes are often the first place where parents-to-be get information about breastfeeding and they are a great way of introducing people to your group.

Supporting at a session is really easy: you just talk about what life with new baby is like and tell the parents-to-be all about your group. You can also answer questions and chat to people during the break to answer any questions.

You do need a little bit of training in order to support at Bump to Baby. If you would like to receive this training, please click the link above and I will get in touch with you to tell you more.

Just call or email if you need any further information:

01872 260429

Here is the link to the form: