Breastfeeding Counsellors

NCT Breastfeeding Counsellors in Cornwall:

Lesley Ibbotson – 01872 264642

Jeni Hawkes – 07788711481

Helen Shanahan – 07795 390050 or 01326 312725

Mandy Chapman (Student) – 07757 923746

La Leche League of Cornwall and West Devon Breastfeeding Counsellors

Friendly mother-to-mother advice and support from trained volunteer LLL Leaders who help expectant and breastfeeding mothers find out more about “mothering through breastfeeding”.

We also hold group support meetings regularly on all aspects of breastfeeding from  pregnancy through to baby-led weaning.

East Cornwall:
Leith Kassier…………..
West Cornwall:
Adele Jarrett-Kerr……
Nicola Wilson………….
West Devon
Steph Hudson…………..
Barbara Childs…………. (Okehampton)

National Helpline: – 0345 120 2918 – help with breastfeeding concerns also has National Helpforms (emails) and a Live PureChat facility
Local Telephone Help: – 07759 334427 (Leith says if she is out then text her and she will reply asap)

Breastfeeding information can be found on both the LLLGB website above and
La Leche League International website (A to Z of breastfeedinginfo)

LLL East Cornwall has an open Facebook page on LLLGB website listing planned group support meetings

There is a link from this page to our group discussion page