Bristol Breastfeeding Policy

final logo 4  A Parents guide to the Bristol Breastfeeding Policy

Bristol PCT is committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers. This guide gives you information about the service that you can expect from Bristol PCT staff.
All staff working with mothers and babies have regular training to support them in this role.
There is a breastfeeding policy based on the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative best
practice standards which guides staff in their practice. (Please ask if you would like to
see a copy of this policy.)
All pregnant women have the opportunity to discuss breastfeeding with a health care
professional. Women can learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, ways that they can
help breastfeeding to get off to a good start and how to continue for as long as they wish.
All mothers are encouraged to hold their baby in skin contact after birth, ideally at least until the baby has had a first breastfeed. Skin contact is a lovely way of getting breastfeeding off to a good start and can help to resolve difficulties and settle babies at any age.
Breastfeeding mothers are helped to learn the skills of positioning and attaching their baby for successful breastfeeding. This support is provided by midwives, health visitors and their teams.
All breastfeeding mothers are supported to learn the skill of hand expressing. This is helpful for expressing milk and avoiding/managing breastfeeding challenges.
Mothers are encouraged to keep their baby near them, so that they can respond to their feeding cues. They are encouraged to feed their baby whenever s/he wants, for as long as s/he wants. This baby-led feeding ensures a good milk supply and a contented baby.
Mothers are given information about the possible problems which using teats and dummies can cause for breastfeeding and can then make an informed choice about these issues.
Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their baby for 6 months and then introduce solids
alongside breastfeeds after this.
If formula milk supplements are recommended by staff, this is only for a medical reason
and the mother will have full information about why this is being suggested.
All health service premises welcome breastfeeding mothers and babies.
Mothers are given information about other local places that welcome breastfeeding mothers.
Mothers are given help to keep breastfeeding when they return to work.
Breastfeeding mothers are given contact details of local breastfeeding support groups, local voluntary groups and national help lines.
If you have any questions about this policy, please contact:
Nicki Symes or Louise Condon at Bristol PCT on 0117 9002274

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