Real Baby Milk welcomes new growth charts

The much anticipated arrival of the new WHO Growth charts (the ones in the red book) is here!

For a long time these charts, which are dutifully plotted every time you weigh your baby, have been measuring all babies against the weight of a formula fed baby. Due to there being 15-20% more calories in formula milk, the weight gain is significantly quicker than the natural weight gain of a breastfed baby. The change of these charts is even more significant due to the links to childhood obesity with the feeding of formula to babies.

Real men don't reach for the bottle!

Breastfeeding Mums say, ‘I would have given up without my partner’s support.’  

Real Baby Milk Managing Director, Arwen Folkes, aged 32, found it incredibly difficult to feed her first baby, Milo.  “I had great support from my husband. Without his encouragement I’d have never got through when it was really challenging in the beginning, without his encouragement I don’t think I would have succeeded.”