DVD’s & Clips

We currently have 5 DVD’s available to buy from our shop.

Below are clips from 3 of our DVD’s

Breastfeeding, by Mums for Mums 

A hugely popular resource amongst health professionals, this DVD explains why skin to skin is so important, and shows a clear, step by step approach to positioning and attachment so that breastfeeding can be effective, pain-free, rewarding and enjoyable.

Skin to Skin 

In this special film, families share their experiences of skin to skin with their babies at different stages. This film includes moments immediately following a C-section, in the neo-natal unit, with twins and with older babies. We show that every baby benefits from this wonderful experience.

Expressing and giving breastmilk

This 36 minute footage is conveniently divided into 8 sections including antenatal hand expressing and different ways of giving expressed breastmilk:

  • if baby is born early or ill
  • if baby is reluctant or sleepy
  • for Mum’s comfort
  • finger, cup and syringe feeding

This is ideal for antenatal and postnatal use allowing for easy selection of relevant clips. Health professionals involved with diabetic mums, antenatal sessions and postnatal support for parents will love this!

Film Clips

We also have clips from our DVDs available to download for use in training presentations or as an online learning tool for Health Professionals. Please email for further information.

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Families can purchase individual clips as a useful resource from Vimeo here