Essential Guides to feeding and caring for your baby

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The Essential Guide to feeding and caring for your baby is a fantastic resource for new mothers and families. We currently have three types of Essential Guides: Generic, Bespoke and Special care babies.

All guides have been produced with the latest UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative standards in mind, as well as incorporating feedback from families, health professionals and Children’s Centres so we can make the best, most up-to-date guide available.


Generic Guide

This 32 page Generic Essential Guide to caring and feeding your baby 5th edition 2016 can be used by any area, is A5 size and hole punched to fit into maternity notes if needed. The guides contain a wealth of information, including; positioning and attachment, dispelling myths and misconceptions, hand expressing, returning to work, feeding out and about and much much more. The guides come hole punched so that they can easily be used in maternity notes.Children Centres, Health Professionals, Breastfeeding Counsellors, Support Groups and parents all find the guides a fantastic resource.

You can download a copy of the guide here or order through our shop for quantities up to 1000.  For orders over 1000:32 page Generic Guide, full colour, 210 x 148mm (A5 booklet), 115 gsm.

Number of Copies Cost per unit Total Cost
 20000  23p each  £4600
10000 30p each £3,000
8000 34p each £2,720
6000 40p each £2,400
4000 44p each £1,760
1000 48p each £ 480.00

* These prices are correct at date of publishing: September 2017

Bespoke Guide

In addition to the generic guide, the bespoke guide adds an additional layer of requirement of the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative standards – for example, we ask that the local infant policy features on a page (as this is a requirement for the award) and that support groups are listed as well as all the other information. The Bespoke guide is larger than the generic guide (measuring 260 x 185mm) and there is an option of having it hole punched for it to be added to maternity notes. Here is a sample of the new Essential Guide to Caring and feeding your baby -2017 Cornwall

Bespoke Guide Prices

Number of Copies Cost per unit Total Cost
 20000  30p each  £5,990
10000 40p each £4000
8000 47p each £3,760
6000 53p each £3,180
4000 62p each £2,500
1000 £1.70 each £1,700

* These prices are for Comic Book size 260mm x 186mm, 36 pages. Prices are correct as of September 2017

For more information about the guide and how you might commission it for your area, please get in contact with us at

Special care babies

This guide is produced with an emphasis on special care babies. You can view an online version of the latest NNU guide here: Neonatal Guide

You can order through our shop or for larger orders, please contact us.