Families triumphant!

Campaign success! Full-time Infant Feeding Coordinator Post in Cornwall will NOT be lost.

Helen Shanahan and Stephanie Heard would like to record their heartfelt thanks to everyone who signed the change.org petition and offered their support and good wishes during the campaign to continue their work as Infant Feeding Coordinators for Cornwall.

Mums and families from across Cornwall have been delighted to hear that the decision to keep the full-time Infant Feeding Coordinator (IFC) post was ratified at a public Board Meeting of Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust earlier this month.

The IFC team were touched and amazed by the efforts of a truly cross-community campaign to save their post for the benefit of families in Cornwall.  They are looking forward to continuing to work alongside their Health, Children’s services and Volunteer colleagues in supporting families.

As identified by the campaign team, the vast majority of women and families were probably not aware of how this important post had touched or would touch their lives – particularly around the birth experience and in the early weeks and months after the birth of their baby – but many people shared how much the support of the team and the wider changes brought about by their work had meant to them online in the 4,412 name petition which was presented to a public meeting of the Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust on 3rd October 2017.

Hundreds also emailed their elected representatives and senior managers of the Trust to make their concerns known. There was also an emotive show of support for the Infant Feeding Team at the public meeting where many mums, dad, grandparents and babies attended, handing out a single baby sock with a message inside about the importance of the post to those families and babies.

Or Change.org petition.

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