What exactly are the social aims of Real Baby Milk CIC?

  1. Real Baby Milk exists to support and encourage women in making an informed choice when deciding how to feed their babies.
  2. Real Baby Milk will support breastfeeding women by giving them easy access to all forms of support available to them.
  3. Real Baby Milk will support the work of Health Professionals and the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative as this is fundamental to women having good support and a subsequently positive breastfeeding experience.
  4. Real Baby Milk seeks to engage with all sectors of society and encourage a greater uptake of breastfeeding.
  5. Real Baby Milk seeks to fill any gaps and provide information that the women tell us is needed.
  6. Real Baby Milk will act as a portal for all types of breastfeeding information and support, giving women one place to locate all
  7. Real Baby Milk will continue to look at the breastfeeding issue creatively and responsively, enabling the organisation to be creative and flexible in its approach.
  8. Real Baby Milk will accept no commercial sponsorship that contravenes the WHO code for the marketing of breastmilk substitutes, teats, dummies and bottle, and has an asset lock in its company Memorandums and Articles that would only benefit the charity UNICEF.

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