Setting up

Haven’t got a group in your area? Download our guide to setting up your own group: Setting up a Breastfeeding Peer support group and our example group.

One thing you might want to think carefully about is whether to give your group a name. Some groups simply use their Children’s Centre name whilst others can be quite creative! The main thing to think about is what a new mum might be thinking. There are quite a few names which make it obvious it is a breastfeeding group such as Bosum Buddies, Breastfriends, Booby Club, Bumps and Boobs, Treasure Chest, Milk Matters although some new mums report that this puts them off ever attending. Other groups have less obvious names such as Upfront, Cafe Mama, Bumps and Babes, Baby Daze, etc.  Sometimes a quick survey or a visit to a local antenatal group can help decide a name.

As public funds are very limited at the moment it is important that you have a think about how you might be able to make your group sustainable, so it would be worth looking at the Fundraising and Group Development pages.