Italian peer support links

Our team member, Lesley, has been learning Italian for a few years now and although still at the bottom of her class (Si!), was able to help out some Italian visitors from Sasso Marconi near Bologna this spring when they visited Helston as part of the town’s Twinning celebrations.  Lesley was able to be part of a return visit to Sasso Marconi last week and, in the spirit of forging links with communities in the Sasso-Marconi area, met with representatives of two breastfeeding support organisations – La Leche League Italia and a local Mamma-a-Mamma (peer support) organiser.

Lesley managed to put together a little explanation in Italian about how Peer Support works so well here in Cornwall, and gave a couple of our Generic Essential Guides and DVDs.  As the idea of peer support is being newly developed in the Bologna area, and Real Baby Milk has been at the forefront of good practice in Peer Support for many years, Lesley offered to keep in touch with the Peer Support organiser to share our good practice.

“It was a lovely experience to meet with likeminded women from another country and share our passion for supporting families and babies, it also made me realise how lucky we are in Cornwall to have such a great peer supporter network” said Lesley.

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