Mums, volunteers and concerned Health Care Professionals make a show of support for Infant Feeding Coordinator Post at the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CFT) Public Meeting

Emotive display of support outside board meeting

Mums with little ones, Grandparents, Dads, breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteers and
Health Care Professionals gathered outside a public meeting yesterday to express their concern
to reports that the full-time post of Infant Feeding Coordinator (IFC), funded by the CFT, was
under threat.

The strength of feeling was very evident in the numerous conversations that were being
shared and in the placards that people proudly held for the gathered press. The assembled
crowd of more than fifty people held up a long washing line of tiny baby socks to represent
the very many young lives that any loss of this post would impact upon. Contained within
each sock was a short individual message communicating why the role of the IFC is an
essential one to every baby, regardless of feeding method.

This follows a viral campaign of similar socks with similar personal messages appearing on lamp posts and railings in public spaces across the county. Images of which have been shared on social media and tweeted to the CFT and others involved in the decision.

Esme Maylam, mother and volunteer breastfeeding peer supporter presented the board
with a hard copy of over 100 pages of an online petition, started by Jennifer Hawkes, signed
by over 4000 people, along with a baby sock complete with personalised messages for each
board member.

Reverend Arwen Folkes – founder and former CEO of Real Baby Milk CIC, and former Chair
of the Maternity Service Liason Committee addressed the board and her questions were
met with assurances from the Chief Executive, and recorded in the minutes, that the fulltime,
band 7, dedicated post of Infant Feeding Coordinator for Cornwall and the Isles of
Scilly would be retained as it is.

Pictures by Charlotte Tucker

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