New Real Baby Milk DVD – Expressing and giving breastmilk

We are really excited to have a new DVD – Expressing and giving breastmilk.  This 38 minute footage is conveniently divided into 8 sections including antenatal hand expressing and different ways of giving expressed breastmilk.

This is ideal for antenatal and postnatal use allowing for easy selection of relevant clips. Health professionals involved with diabetic mums, antenatal sessions and postnatal support for parents will love this!  Chapter list:

~ Introduction
~ Starting to express
~ Antenatal hand expressing
~ Expressing before and after a feed
~ Expressing by hand with a well-established supply
~ Expressing milk when not breastfeeding
~ Giving breastmilk to your baby
~ Conclusion

Copies are £14.95 from our shop

NEW! Expressing and Giving Breastmilk


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