Expressing when not breastfeeding




Footage shows baby Callan playing with his family whilst the narrator explains the difficult circumstances around the decision to formula feed Callan. Mum, Carrie, explains why, at around 4 weeks old, she decided to try to express some breastmilk in order to help with Callan’s constipation. Carrie goes on to describe how, at 10 weeks, with specialist breastfeeding support, Callan attached himself to the breast and how she continued to pump and feed him for some months after this managing to express around 50 mls of breastmilk a day which right from the start helped Callan have regular bowel movements who was happier for this.

Carrie, Rob & Callan and Jan – expressing when not breastfeeding

Writer & Director: Helen Shanahan
Filmed and Edited: Patrick Shanahan


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