Parents’ views on skin-to-skin




In these special films, families share their experiences of skin to skin with their babies
at different stages.
The narrator opens with talking about the possibility of skin-to-skin with dad or other family members and shows footage of dad with baby skin-to-skin with a toddler interacting. It continues with still photos of dads and mums with babies held skin-to-skin and talks about how helpful it can be when babies are upset or are having some difficulty with breastfeeding. Lorraine goes on to talk about her experience while holding Sonny and Ramona, who is shown holding Marc, talks about how, having had Marc a month early who then had problems with jaundice so skin-to-skin was very important to her and she felt she couldn’t put him down when they got home. Marc put on weight really well and breastfeeding wasn’t as issue any more, she felt that their bond was very strong and would last a lifetime.

Billie is shown holding Maya and talks about their ‘naked cuddles’, which they both enjoy. She explains that holding a baby through clothes is different. The clip ends with still photos of lots of babies held skin-to-skin and the narrator explaining how this is the perfect way to say ‘hello’ and begin the lifetime bond of parent and child.

Parents talking about their experiences of skin-to-skin including Lorraine with Sonny and Ramona with Marc, Billie with Maya.

Produced by Qban8 Films
Music by Kevin Macleod,
Copyright 2011 Real Baby Milk CIC


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