Positioning & Attachment with mum & baby




Positioning & Attachment with mum & baby and animated section

The narrator opens with talking about how positioning and attachment of the baby is vital to effective and comfortable breastfeeding. Natalie is shown getting comfortable with baby Matilda and a very detailed description is narrated while

Matilda is positioned and attaches to the breast. The footage then cuts to an animation of what is happening inside the baby’s mouth in both good attachment and less optimum attachment and what the effect of this will be on mum’s comfort and baby’s intake of breastmilk. Natalie and Matilda are shown again positioning and attaching including how to take baby off the breast comfortably. The narrator goes through the principles of sequence again and then in slow motion and again in real time.

This clip has been taken from our DVD Breastfeeding, By mums for mums

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