Preterm and NNU experience of skin-to-skin.




In these special films, families share their experiences of skin to skin with their babies
at different stages.

The narrator talks about when babies come early or are born unwell and how skin-to-skin can help these vulnerable babies in calming their heart rate and breathing and helping to keep them warm. Alice is shown being put skin to skin on Kylie, with partner Richard also present, Alice has a naso-gastric tube in place. Kylie explains the circumstances of Alice’s early arrival at 30 weeks and the shock they felt. Kylie explains how they couldn’t hold her at all and how special the first time was when she was able to have Alice skin-to-skin. Richard also talks about holding Alice skin-to-skin and how, amazingly, she even tried to breastfeed from him so strong were her instincts to feed. Richard talks about how he feels that the skin-to-skin helped Alice get breastfeeding established and how the warmth of human skin and the sound of a heartbeat calmed Alice and helped them all get to know each other. Kylie talks about her early difficulties breastfeeding Alice and how holding Alice skin-to-skin helped her establish her milk supply so that Alice was now only having her milk.

Parents Kylie & Richard with Alice

Produced by Qban8 Films
Music by Kevin Macleod,
Copyright 2011 Real Baby Milk CIC


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