Skin-to-skin in a planned Caesarian Section




In these special films, families share their experiences of skin to skin with their babies
at different stages.

Helen Shanahan introduces herself and talks about how skin-to-skin can be achieved in the case of a planned c-section including detail about how mum’s gown is not tied and her one arm is out of the gown so as to enable easy access to her upper chest and breast area. The footage shows Bertie, covered in vernix, being dried and gently laid across Amelia’s upper chest area. Helen Shanahan is explaining how the baby needs to de-stress, rest and recover. She explains about the breast to face distance and how important this is for both mum and baby. Helen explains the sequence of actions babies go through when placed in skin-to-skin including dribbling and mouthing, massaging and treading at the breast, head bobbing and brushing of mum’s nipple and how all these innate actions lead to babies being able to attach and breastfeed well and how a successful first feed can help breastfeeding to get off to a good start.

Amelie with Bertie with introduction by Helen Shanahan

Produced by Qban8 Films
Music by Kevin Macleod,
Copyright 2011 Real Baby Milk CIC


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