Skin-to-skin with twins




In these special films, families share their experiences of skin to skin with their babies
at different stages.

The narrator talks about how with more than one baby, giving each baby as much holding and cuddling time can be difficult. Making time to have skin-to-skin individually can help with this and Lauren is shown skin-to- skin with the twins and explains how having time skin-to-skin time together and with each twin separately is possible. She goes onto explain that her partner, Ashley, who was away for most of her pregnancy and missed all of the scans and felt a little distant from them all. The clip shows still shots of Ashley with one of the twins skin-to-skin and how important this was for them all. Lauren talks about how she calms the babies with skin-to-skin and how it has helped her establish breastfeeding.

Lauren with twins Eva & Mya

Produced by Qban8 Films
Music by Kevin Macleod,
Copyright 2011 Real Baby Milk CIC


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