Real Baby Milk Christmas Appeal: We need more breasts!

Ditch the naff party games and bond with Great-Aunt Agatha by the fireside this Christmas by crafting some woolly breasts!

While they often look quite comical, they are actually an essential item in a peer supporter’s tool kit, as we use them to demonstrate practical skills such as positioning and attachment, hand expressing and the anatomy of the latch.

They can be any colour you like, so are a great way of using up left over wool, and can be knitted or crocheted. Just like the real thing, they don’t need to be perfect and can come in a range of shapes and sizes!

There are lots of patterns freely available online or have a look at the our blog to find one:

Please post or deliver your woolly contributions to: 5 Riverside House, Heron Way, Truro, TR1 2XN


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