Real Baby Milks 3rd Birthday!

Real Baby Milk CIC recently celebrated its 3rd birthday since being incorporated as a Community Interest Company.

The company has grown from strength to strength and is delighted to be working closely with NHS trusts all over the UK. As well as celebrating the birthday of the company, the Real Baby Milk team have also welcomed other fantastic news. Being awarded £36,000 of Department of Health monies to develop the peer support programme  in Cornwall, achieving the Level 3 Interlink Capability Model Award (ILCM) and welcoming the first Future Jobs Fund employee in Cornwall to the team.

“The approach to breastfeeding that we have been taking has been so well received across the UK, we are delighted” Arwen, Managing Director began “We are extremely lucky to have a very dedicated team of staff and volunteers who are equally passionate about the work we are doing. We are incredibly excited about the future, we hope to have Real Baby Milk branches across the UK, enabling us to deliver peer support services to other women in the UK.”

Real Baby Milk runs a National web based campaign for breastfeeding, provides literature and films to NHS trusts across the UK and runs an intensive volunteer training and support programme in Cornwall.

Real Baby Milk CIC is a not for profit company that is working to reduce the social barriers to breastfeeding and to provide women with accurate and meaningful information.

Breastfeeding has been scientifically proven to the be the natural and most nourishing way to feed a baby, however, the UK compares poorly to other parts of Europe with just 76% of women initiating breastfeeding and many women ceasing at 2 and 6 weeks.
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Real Baby Milk celebrates its 3rd birthday with newly trained peer supporters at the Berryfield’s Children’s Centre in Bodmin, Cornwall

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