Safeguarding Training Cornwall

This information is for Peer Supporters volunteering in Cornwall.

Peer Supporters have the option to complete the Cornwall County Council e-learning Safeguarding Children training.

It is desirable that volunteers are offered and are able to attend face to face safeguarding training. Face to face training provides an opportunity to explore issues as they arise in a supportive and confidential environment. Attending face to face training might not always be possible, therefore an online option has been made the training accessible.

For volunteers requiring an up date, both options should be available. If there is no option to attend face to face or it is not suitable, then an e-learning opportunity should be set up by the volunteers Children Centre manager.

How it works: The volunteer, Children’s Centre or Real Baby Milk identifies the need for training. If the volunteer is unable to attend to face to face training then the Children’s Centre Locality manager forwards their name to the Learning Pool. The volunteer will then receive an email from the Learning Pool containing a link to the website, a username and password.

Next steps:

  1. The volunteer signs in and changes their password, and gains access to the site.
  2. The volunteer will then be able to log in and out freely.
  3. When you log in for the first time, you will see a welcome to the Learning Pool tree, which will allow them to begin accessing training.
  4. Choose the branch titled – Equality, Diversity and Safeguarding.
  5. Course categories – choose Safeguarding.
  6. Volunteers will then see a selection of courses including face to face and e-learning – choose e-learning.
  7. The Safeguarding General Awareness is a Mandatory package, covering adults as well as children, and is a requirement for all council staff. This is the course for Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteers to complete. If this course doesn’t show in the list under Safeguarding, please use the search function to find it.
  8. After you have completed the General Awareness course it is desirable that you complete Safeguarding Children Part 1 and part 2 if you have time.

If you experience a SCORM NOTICE telling you that pop up windows for the sight are BLOCKED. You will need to unblock them, as the pop ups are the course. Unblock by going to the website address bar at the top of your computer screen and going to the far right. There you will see three icons, click on the little square icon with the red cross, a drop down will appear, click on: always allow pop ups from the learning pool and then – finish, to allow you to access the course….

Finally… how easy and time consuming is it?

The recommended time spent on the courses are accurate and the course saves easily, where you finish each time, and remembers when you log back in with no issues!

Particularly useful if your up and down the stairs dealing with wakeful toddlers through your evening!