Breastfeeding Peer Support Training.

We offer training suited for volunteers to become Accredited Peer Supporters within a Community Group or Hospital Postnatal Ward setting.

To find out about buying a licence to delivering breastfeeding training through Real Baby Milk please email for more information.

Our courses are carefully aligned with the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative and are regularly updated.  Local areas can commission our training.

We currently offer 3 training courses:

  • Peer Support Skills: Breastfeeding Level 2 (14 hours contact time, 6 hours course work)
  • Breastfeeding Peer Support in Hospital Level (14 hours contact time 6 hours course work)
  • Delivering Peer Support Training Level 3 (email for more details)

Peer Support Skills: Breastfeeding Level 2

Each learner will receive a training book as a learning resource and an assessment workbook which becomes the learners portfolio of evidence to be assessed at the end of the course.  The course covers:

  • Aims and ethos of Peer Support, boundaries of the role.
  • Record Keeping
  • The importance of breastfeeding
  • How breastfeeding works
  • Active listening  and communication skills
  • Responding to baby and feeding cues
  • Skin to skin
  • Positioning and Attachment.
  • Increasing milk supply
  • Handexpressing
  • Introducing solid foods
  • Supporting Breastfeeding mothers and common breastfeeding problems
  • Safeguarding and Peer Support
  • Confidentiality
  • Exploring common scenarios in the Peer Support role.
  • When to call for professional help
  • Practical skills review

Breastfeeding Peer Support in Hospital Level 

This course is designed for Peer Supporters who have around 30 or more of regular Peer Support experience and want to take their volunteering into the Hospital setting.  It Covers:

  • The role of the hospital Peer Supporter, understanding and recognising the boundaries.
  • Working in a hospital working in partnership with Health professionals
  • Skin to skin, feeding cues,first feeds, finger feeding
  • Increasing practical peer support skills in positioning and attachment
  • Safeguarding
  • Importance of record keeping
  • Safe storage of Expressed Breast Milk and giving expressed breastmilk

Real Baby Milk is a Training Centre with AIM Awards and is committed to providing high quality training course materials and resources.  On our last inspection, we were commended for the quality of our trainers’ work (as evidenced by the trainee portfolios).